Reimagining how we interact with the in-car radio

U/X Design, U/I Design
Figma, InVision
A desktop an mobile view of the application


Radioplayer is a non-profit partnership between the BBC and commercial radio with the aim of making radio listening a simple and more engaging experience. With their hugely popular Radioplayer mobile app transforming how people engage with radio they are now partnering with AUDI/Volkswagen Group to branch out into the car space.


They enlisted us to help design an engaging user-friendly interface for the car radio, an often overlooked, clunky user experience. With the likes of streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple vying for listeners attention within the car it was time for the radio to get a much-needed overhaul bringing it up to date so it remains a staple of the in-car entertainment system.

A view of the application
A view of the application
A view of the application

The challange

There are many challenges when designing an interface to be used within a car environment as driver distraction could have drastic consequences. We designed a prototype to test different types of functionality making sure users could navigate the interface at a glance. It was important to keep the interface clutter free and to use large iconography in place of text as much as possible.

A view of the application

Linked content

With some radio service providers offering the ability to subscribe to content, they wanted to carry that feature through seamlessly into the car experience so the user can access their favorite shows and podcasts via the interface.

A view of the application


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Communication was on point and all Reference Radio deadlines were met which made for assets delivered on time and budget....truly outstanding design work.