App re-design for this innovative radio platform

U/X Design, U/I Design, prototyping
Figma, InVision
A desktop an mobile view of the application


Available in 11 countries, over 5 million unique users per month and a native car radio interface in the pipeline, Radioplayer is a leading force in bringing radio to the masses. They are a non-profit partnership between the BBC and commercial radio with the aim of making radio listening a simple and engaging experience.


We were tasked with giving the Radioplayer app a complete overhaul. Finding out their users pain-points with the previous version and re-designing a more engaging user friendly experience that encouraged onward listening.

A view of the application

App review

Our first task was to review the existing app and listen to users feedback. Although the app functioned well there were some clear conflicts with the navigation and content duplication which needed to be addressed.

Something Radioplayer was keen to introduce into the new version of the app was a way to make onward listening a lot easier. So we drafted out an enhanced workflow with this in mind.

A view of the application
A view of the application
A view of the application

Interaction design

Once screen designs started to take shape we could draft out some animated interaction sequences that would start to bring the interface to life.

A view of the application
A view of the application

Intro animation

Adding small animated flourishes like this logo sequence adds a nice modern touch as the app is loading.

A view of the application


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We're thrilled with the outcome of the Radioplayer app design provided by Pixel 9. A professional service with amazing attention to detail. The passion shown for quality throughout the design process was refreshing.