Love Food

A new healthy food brand

Website design, Branding
Sketch, InVision, Illustrator
A car radio dashboard


Love Food Australia is a start-up health food brand aimed at the booming health conscious market in Australia and Asia.


We were tasked with designing a complete brand identity and visual language that would encompass their online presence as-well as their product packaging.

A car radio dashboard

Packaging design

Each product was designed in a different style but maintaining consistencies through the application of the logo and secondary design elements. This helped each product to have its own identity whilst maintaining harmony throughout the range.

A car radio dashboard

Website design & development

We had compiled a lot of graphic elements during the design phase of the packaging which helped us carry the branding language across to the website design.

A car radio dashboard
A car radio dashboard


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We were really happy to have found a great design partner that we can rely on as we continue to grow and develop our range.