Designing & building a digital presence

Website design
Sketch, InVision
A desktop an mobile view of the application


Infinian provides data to some of the largest data businesses and credit bureaus around the world.


To design a website that displayed what is potentially a dry subject such as data analytics in a more approachable and engaging manner.

A view of the application
A view of the application

Custom illustrations

We crafted a custom set of icons for the main product offerings to help identify features and further carry the brand throughout the site.

Someone looking at the application on their phone
A selection of the mobile screens

Website development

We developed the HTML, CSS and Javascript in a way that would be simple to build on, enabling Acquired to further add products as the company grows. As with all our sites we optimised the site to be responsive so the content could be viewed on any screen size or resolution.

A selection of the mobile screens


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